Beauty Day Dress with Bow

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Child Sizing

Age Child's
1-3 Yrs 33-38 in. 20-22 in.
3-5 Yrs 39-44 in.
21-23 in.
5-7 Yrs 45-49 in.
22-24 in.
7-9 Yrs 50-54 in.
23-26 in.
9-11 Yrs 55-58 in.
24-27 in.
11-13 Yrs 59-61 in.
25-28 in.
S/M 1-5 Yrs 33-44 in.
20-23 in.
L/XL 5-9 Yrs 45-54 in.
22-26 in.

Adult Dress Sizing

Chest Waist
Hip Shoulder
To Hem
32-34 in. 24-32 in. 34-36 in. 57 in.
34-36 in. 26-34 in. 36-38 in. 58 in.
36-38 in. 28-36 in. 38-40 in. 59 in.
38-40 in. 30-38 in. 40-42 in. 60 in.
40-42 in. 32-40 in. 42-44 in. 61 in.

Adult Twirl Dress Sizing

To Hem
2 28.25 in. 36 in.
4 29.5 in. 36.75 in.
6 30.5 in. 37.5 in.
8 31.75 in. 38.25 in.
10 33 in. 39 in.
12 34.125 in.  39.75 in.
14 35.25 in. 40.125 in.
16 36.50 in. 40.625 in.
18 37.5 in. 41 in.


Your child will easily create characters and stories while strolling through an imaginary provincial village. They’ll skip along with this Beauty Day Dress with Bow featuring a knit shawl collar and adorned with a pink satin ribbon. Our comfortable bodice is made with stretched velvet, to match the blue china silk skirt, and the dress’s soft white apron. A cornflower blue satin hair bow, along with matching bows on the sleeve cuffs, tie the whole dress together.

  • White shawl collar is made from white knit adorned with a pink satin ribbon with matching bows on the sleeve cuffs
  • Embossed stretch velvet bodice that matches china silk skirt with a soft white knit apron
  • Includes cornflower blue satin hair bow
  • Breathable, Silky Soft, 100% Polyester Fabrics
  • Additional Accessories Sold Separately


Playing dress up is a fun way for children to use their imagination and creativity. They can create new worlds from favorite books and movies. Plays and performances, either at home or at local theater companies, shine with authentic outfits. They’ll never again be without the right look for costume parties or dress-up playdates with friends. 

Parents can encourage this with adorable costumes like the Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress. 

At Little Adventures, we create costumes that allow your child to explore their imagination in comfort. Children shouldn’t wear clothes that restrict them in any way. Let them run, play, and enjoy imaginary adventures like their favorite characters. Afterwards, you can easily wash these costumes to be used again and again. 

Unfortunately, most children’s dress ups are made with cheap, itchy, uncomfortable fabric. 

Not ours! At Little Adventures, we do things differently. We know parents need costumes and dress ups that can go anywhere their kids go. They must also last. That’s why the Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress is made with a breathable, silky-soft, 100% polyester fabric. 

Dress Ups for Every Occasion 

We have dress ups for every character or occasion. This includes princesses and dolls as well as superheroes and maidens. Get your little beauty ready for their next ball or epic adventure. These costumes can also be used for themed parties, plays, and teatime. 

The possibilities are endless. Just watch your children’s imagination come alive. 

Additional dress up accessories are also available. Supply your little queen with crowns, wands, and wings. You can also add swords and shields to any superhero creation. These accessories  coordinate costumes. Mixing and matching will also encourage your child to create unique, original stories. 

Does your child have a favorite doll or stuffed animal tagging along on adventures? 

If so, dress their little friends in a matching outfit or something similar so they can partner up in style. Like our children’s dress ups, these doll and stuffed animal outfits feature beautiful and recognizable styles. They are also easy to wash and maintain, just like any costume or dress you purchase for your child. 

Making Playtime Fun and Easy 

Little Adventures dress ups make playtime fun for kids and easy on moms and dads. Parents enjoy watching their children make believe without worrying about how to care for the costumes or accessories afterwards. These are just some ways we consider the whole family when creating dress up delights: 

Simplicity. Our stretchy dresses are easy for children to take on and off independently. They don’t have to rely on immediate assistance from a grownup. In addition, no tricky buttons or zippers will get caught in the fabric. Like all our dress ups, simple is best with our Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress. 

Comfort. Kids enjoy wearing these dress ups for hours without complaint. Too often children’s costumes are made with cheap glitter and scratchy tulle. Children often complain about rough seams and edges irritating their skin. Our inside seams are carefully wrapped to reduce rashes and discomfort.  When you see sparkles in a Little Adventures design, rest assured they are safe. We use a non-shedding glitter that stays where it belongs. Additionally, we only use soft fabrics to create dress ups for kids. 

Washability. The Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress is machine-washable. This makes cleaning easy for mom and dad. Let your kids be kids without worrying about inside or outside play, rain or shine. No matter how messy they get, cleanup is simple. Just machine-wash the dress in cold water or gentle cycle. After hanging it to dry for a few hours, that dress is good as new and ready for tomorrow’s playtime. 

Versatility. Our dress ups come in a wide variety of sizes for children ages one to thirteen years. We make Little Adventures dress ups with a soft, stretchy fabric that will easily fit growing bodies. For guidance with sizes or styles, check out this easy-to-use sizing guide to choose the perfect fit for your little one. 

Hassle-free returns. If your recent purchase hasn’t been worn, with tags still attached, return it at no additional cost. And no worries — try-ons are okay! Learn more about our convenient return policy here

The Benefits of Play

Imaginative play benefits your children in a variety of ways. When kids make believe, they improve both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This allows them to better interact with others. They also begin to think more creatively and improve problem-solving abilities. When other children join in the fun, peer-to-peer interaction encourages cooperation and team-building skills. They learn to tell more complicated stories and improve upon their own self-confidence. Dress ups and costumes also create memories that last a lifetime. 

Dressing up also gets kids to trade screen time for unstructured playtime. This is important for growing brains and bodies. Staying active and unplugged for at least an hour every day helps them burn energy, sleep better at night and do better in school. 

Designed for Adventure

As always, Little Adventures dress ups are comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They let kids kick it up a notch whether playing on their own or performing for an audience. Your child deserves wearable, playable dress ups that can let kids be kids. 

To show they stand behind every outfit, Little Adventures provides a lifetime guarantee with every purchase. 

Make your child’s playtime fun and hassle-free. Click here to purchase the Little Adventures Beauty Day Dress today.





· Glitter Free
· Machine Washable
· High Quality & Durable
· Lifetime Guarantee
· No Hassle Returns


· Easy On - Easy Off!
· No Zippers & Buttons
· No Itchy Underskirts
· Soft & Comfy
· Wrapped Seams


· Inspires Learning
· Builds Confidence
· Encourages Less Screen-Time
· Promotes Creativity
· Exploring Emotions