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Our Story

Our StoryJenny and Heather were moms with young girls that loved to dress up.  Jenny ran a daycare out of her home and Heather would drop her princess off for playtime when she needed to run errands.  Jenny’s home was fun and full of adventure.  There was sidewalk chalk, art projects, dance recitals, finger paint, spa day, teddy bear picnics and a huge trunk full of dress ups.  It was heaven for kids!

Princess Lauren (Heather’s daughter) was not your average princess. She was of the INDUSTRIAL variety.  Lauren preferred water fights to tea parties, running over walking, but most of all she loved to dress up!  She didn’t wear dress ups occasionally.  She lived in a princess dress!  The problem was, she could outplay and outlast any princess dresses available, and was usually the cause of their quick demise.

Princess Kelly (Jenny’s daughter) was a traditional princess. She loved tea parties, dancing, listening to music and baby dolls.  She loved hosting tea parties and enjoyed playing house with all the little kids that would come to her home.  She loved wearing princess dresses, but couldn’t stay in them long if they had any fabrics or seams that were itchy and uncomfortable.  Which was the case of most, if not all dress ups of the time.

Heather and Jenny were frustrated with the fact that dress ups couldn’t be washed.  The fabrics would fall apart in the washing machine and many were made to be dry-cleaning only, an absolutely absurd idea for a practical mom.

They knew there had to be a better way!  On a fall afternoon, in Jenny’s living room, the idea was created, DRESS UPS FOR EVERYDAY PLAY!  What a concept. Dress ups made comfortable and soft, easy to put on and take off, light weight for all day play and best of all machine washable!

When they began introducing the idea, they found they were not alone.  Little Adventures strong core message that “CHILDHOOD IS AN ADVENTURE!” is what continues to fuel their creative fire.  They love seeing the joy in kids that are free to play, to explore and free to dream!

Jenny with her ten children (just shy of the twelve she originally wanted), and Heather with her five (four of which are girls), put their hearts into Little Adventures dress ups. They included everything they wanted for their own kids.  They love the journey and are passionate about their families, their employees, and their mission…making the best dress ups out there!