Our Story

Our Story

Jenny and Heather are moms that found themselves in a predicament. With 15 children between them…they both had a lot of dress ups.  Their kids wanted to be able to PLAY, RUN, JUMP, EAT, CREATE, and IMAGINE in their dress ups and they never wanted to take them off. They wanted to wear them every day, all day!

The problem was:

1) Dress Ups were not made to be washed.

2) Dress Ups were often itchy scratchy and uncomfortable.

3) Dress Ups had buttons, snaps and ties which were frustrating to little fingers.

They knew there had to be a better way!  On a fall afternoon, in Jenny’s living room, the idea was created, DRESS UPS FOR EVERYDAY PLAY!  What a concept. Dress ups made comfortable and soft, easy to put on and take off, light weight for all day play and best of all machine washable!

When they began introducing the idea, they found they were not alone.  Little Adventures strong core message that “CHILDHOOD IS AN ADVENTURE!” is what continues to fuel their creativity.  They love seeing the joy in kids that are free to play, to explore and free to dream!