Adult Princess Dresses

It’s fun for moms to watch their little princess play dress up with friends, but now moms don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore! Little Adventures has come out with a lineup of gorgeous, easy-fitting princess dresses for adults to enjoy as well. 

You’ll sweep everyone off their feet in our Adult Enchanted Yellow Beauty dress—perfect for a night at the ball. If you’re shopping for a soft, romantic princess dress, look no further than our Adult Snow White dress. (You’ll have to find your own adorable forest creatures!) 

No matter what design you choose, our Little Adventures princess dresses for adults are just what you need to join in the dress up fun. 

Magical Features of Little Adventures Dresses

Gone are the days of dealing with dress up outfits made of scratchy, stiff fabrics. Similar to our children’s dresses, we’ve designed our adult princess dresses to be soft and breathable yet perfectly fitted to your body.

Little Adventure adult dresses have some pretty magical features, including:

  • Stretchy velvet that provides the perfect fit while keeping you comfortable all day long. 
  • Feminine and flattering designs that help you become the princess you were always meant to be.
  • A peplum waistline gives that classic princess look we all adore.
  • A lace-up corset adds an adult touch to your princess dress while ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Washable material lends to a full day of dress up with your little ones, enabling you to play, wash, and repeat.
  • Breathable, silky-soft 100% polyester fabrics make our dresses lightweight and comfortable for all-day play.

Little Adventures costumes are mom-designed with children in mind. We’re so confident in our princess dresses we gave them a lifetime guarantee! If your dress doesn’t withstand your all-day adventures with your little ones, then we’ll happily replace it. 

Unforgettable Moments      

Your children might not remember playing dress up years from now, but you certainly will. So, make the most of it with one of our princess dresses for adults! Every princess (whether big or little) needs accessories, so be sure to stock your dress up closet. 

You’ll turn heads anytime you wear one of our dresses, but they’re especially great for these moments:

Playtime with Kids

When your children want to play dress up or have a make-believe party as princesses, being able to actually dress up takes playtime up a notch. 

Why not take the adventure outside and use your backyard as part of the fun? Pretend you’re all in a forest, and the princesses must find their way back to the castle with the help of friendly woodland creatures. 

Costume or Birthday Party

It’s very common for children to want to have themed birthday parties, so chances are your family will either host or be invited to a princess-themed birthday. The party would be even better if the parents dressed up as well! 

Not all costume parties are for children, though. Your workplace, for instance, might host a costume party each year. Instead of the standard cat costume, why not go all out as an ice queen or ice princess?


Halloween is the perfect time of year for everyone in the family to get dressed up and have some fun. Coordinated family costumes are always a hit, so why not plan on having the entire family look like royalty for trick-or-treating this year? You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

Adding Accessories

Complete these unforgettable moments with the perfect accessories! If it’s cooler out, why not match your dress with a beautiful cape? And no matter what the weather is like, it’s always a great time for a princess crown! 

Dress Up Tip: Make your moments magical by setting up a themed photo booth. Fill it with matching accessories and props.

There’s a Child in All of Us

If you’re like us, there’s a good chance you wanted to be a princess when you were little—all the glitter, parties, and everything else that comes with princess royalty. You might not have been a princess when you were little, but you certainly can be one now with one of our princess dresses for adults!

There’s a child in all of us, just waiting to come out and play. What better reason than to play dress up with your children? An action-packed adventure or an afternoon of delicate tea time will create memories you’ll never forget. And the best news? After a full day of play, your little princess will be ready for a nap! 

Let’s Play

Being an adult is usually filled with boring, grown-up stuff. But every once in a while, it’s fun to dress up like the princess you always dreamed about. At Little Adventures, our princess dresses for adults are so comfortable and gorgeous you’ll never want to take them off! 

Whether it’s playtime with the kids or going out to a costume party, you’re sure to have a magical time with one of our dresses. Check out our selection today!