Our Mission - Giving Hope

September is National Childhood Cancer Cancer Awareness month and here at Little Adventures, we are proud advocates for these little warriors.

From the very beginning, incorporating charity was a high priority. Working with organizations like Smiles for Central America, My Stuff Bags, and the local Primary Children’s Hospital was a source of great joy.
One Summer day, 10 years ago, our hearts were touched when an introduction was made to the Princess Alexa Foundation which was founded in memory of Alexa, a bright and beautiful 4 year old girl who passed away from neuroblastoma. Through this foundation, Little Adventures donated dress ups that were housed in Dress Up Closets in hospitals across the USA. From this a seed was planted and a longing to do more was the beginning of a journey to help bring joy and happiness to children with cancer, one dress up at a time.

It was through the Princess Alexa Foundation that we were introduced to Candlelighters of NYC in the hopes that we could help. Candlelighters of NYC is dedicated to helping children who are seeking treatment in New York City at one of the leading pediatric cancer hospitals. They provide an emotional support system full of love and comfort while the children are far away from home. The aim is to be able to help improve the quality of life for children suffering from cancer, offering a fun, positive atmosphere to help them get a sense of normalcy back in their lives. We have been able to give many dress ups, which have been specifically designed to be comfortable and non-itchy, which is exactly what these kids need! During these unprecedented times they have struggled to find funding and do what they do best, any little bit helps! You can donate to Candlelighters here.

After working with these great organizations, we decided we wanted to give more and from that desire the Little Heroes Program was born. Each year Little Adventures chooses a child designer who helps us design a dress with one purpose, to help bring awareness to childhood cancer. The proceeds from the sales of the dress up help cover the cost of medical bills for the family, and eventually go to other charitable organizations the family supports. 

You can read more about our Little Heroes and find their dress ups to purchase at the links below!

Princess Hallie Warrior Princess Zoie Princess Ava