Take playtime to the next level with our gorgeous, soft, dress up accessories. Our dress up collection spans from fairy wings to princess crowns and everything in between. We have everything a little prince, princess, or pirate could ever need for a fully immersive look. Little Adventures accessories make perfect gifts, too!

Little Adventures accessories are the cherry on top of every dress up outfit. You can’t call yourself a true princess without a crown or a real dragon without wings. That’s why we offer these additions to our perfect hand-sewn princess dresses, knight armor, and other dress ups. 

In addition to our dress up accessories for classic princess looks such as our Lily Pad Princess dressIce Princess dress, and Sleeping Beauty dress, we also have creative looks unique to Little Adventures. For example, you won’t find fairy wings like our Springtime Fairy Wings or Rose Garden Fairy Wings anywhere else. 

Of course, we also have accessories for adventurers who don’t want to play princess. We have dashing capes for wizardsswordsshields, and even galactic laser weapons. Our sword and shield accessories are made out of dense (yet soft) foam that will hold up against any foe.  

Have a look around—you’re sure to find something perfect for your little adventurer!

Accessory Features

These daring dress up accessories don’t just look nice—they are made to last. We pride ourselves on choosing soft, quality materials that can hold up to whatever your kids throw at them. We also avoid tricky zippers or buttons that could get in the way of play. For example, our lovely crowns are made with soft, comfortable elastic to keep them in place on your child’s head. 

We don’t like to see kids cry if their dress ups wear out. Because of that, just like our other dress ups, our accessories are covered by our lifetime guarantee. That means if anything does happen to rip or break, you can contact us, and we’ll replace it. So your kids can dry their tears, a replacement will be on its way soon. 

If you happen to be the parent of a picky princess, we also offer hassle-free returns. If our princess gloves aren’t the right shade of red, or if the fairy halo you ordered doesn’t fit the way you were hoping, keep the tags on and send it back within 90 days for a full refund. We’ll even pay for shipping and give you a shipping label to use. 

Dress Ups for Every Occasion

Little Adventures dress ups and dress up accessories can be used in myriad ways and for many different occasions. There’s always a way to incorporate them into the fun. With such soft fabrics and materials, you may find it hard to convince your child to take them off. 


One perfect time for dress ups is Halloween. What child doesn’t want to look their best for a spooktacular night of trick-or-treating? Our dress up accessories add a little extra flair to any costume. They’re also incredibly comfortable, which means your child will be less likely to take them off and lose them as they go from house to house. 

Birthday Parties

Dress ups are also a perfect choice for a themed birthday party. For example, your child could host a royal birthday party and invite friends to come dressed as princes and princesses. 

On a special day like a birthday, a soft and sparkly crown paired with other fairytale accessories can help the birthday girl or boy feel extra special. Our accessories also make perfect gifts or party favors. 


What’s better than a playdate? A dress up playdate, that’s what! Playing dress up is so much more fun with friends. Help encourage your children and their friends to really get into dress up play by offering them accessories they can get excited about.

Amusement Parks

Another fun place for your kids to wear dress ups is amusement parks. Wearing dress ups and dress up accessories in the park will help them have a more fully immersive and magical experience. Plus, your little ones will look so cute you won’t be able to stop taking pictures. It will add just a little extra sparkle to a special family outing. 

The Benefits of Imaginative Play

Believe it or not, dress up play is critical to a child’s development. While the costumes definitely add to the fun, kids don’t just engage in dress up play to wear fun clothes. Dress up play allows them to use their imaginations more fully and learn from the experience. 

Imaginative play also gives children a critical opportunity to practice roleplaying, social skills, and conflict resolution. When kids dress up, they can imagine themselves in various situations and practice reacting to those circumstances. Through dressing up, children can conquer things that make them feel afraid, navigate arguments, and even show empathy. 

While using costumes and accessories isn’t the only way to experience imaginative play, it can be a way to get your children excited and willing to try. It can be incredibly hard to convince kids to give up their screens, but beautiful tiaras, soft gloves, and pirate swords often do the trick. 

Find the perfect dress ups and dress up accessories for your little one on our website. 

We Love Families

Little Adventures is a company founded by two moms of big families. We raised our kids on dress up play, and we love seeing other families doing the same. In every way, we are committed to providing our customers with dress ups and accessories for joyful, wide-eyed, and wonderful imaginative play. 

Thank you for trusting us with a small piece of your little adventurer’s childhoods. Thank you for letting us into your homes. We stand by our products, backed by our quality guarantee and hassle-free returns. We hope our dress up accessories will make playtime that much more special and memorable for your child. 

Buy Little Adventures dress up accessories today!