Adventure Dress Ups

With Little Adventures dress ups, there’s always a new and thrilling imaginary escapade for your children to explore. Our line of adventure dress ups is perfect for little boys and girls who want to play dress up but aren’t interested in dressing up as princesses or fairies. These costumes inspire bravery and daring hearts in the little ones who wear them.

Our adventure dress ups are made for rough-and-tumble imaginary play. These soft and stretchy dress ups are so comfortable your kids will never want to take them off. We have so many different costumes to inspire the imagination—you're sure to find one that perfectly suits your child’s tastes. 

For aspiring princes, we have Prince Charming, Oasis Prince, and Royal Ice Master dress ups your little one will love. These dress ups capture the classic looks of beloved heroes. But our collection doesn’t stop there. We also carry hooded wizard robes for aspiring young magicians and witches and even dragon cloaks for the most fearsome of adventurers. 

Expand and update your dress up collection with pieces from our line of adventure dress ups. These costumes go far beyond just fairytale stories. They can also help create inclusivity by offering more options for kids who otherwise might feel left out by more traditional costumes.

Go ahead and browse our extensive collection. There’s something for every child! 

Adventure Dress Up Features

We were sick of our kids wanting to take their costumes off as soon as they put them on. At Little Adventures, we have taken a stand against itchy, uncomfortable, difficult-to-put-on dress ups. Our dress ups are so much better! 

Little Adventures dress ups have no scratchy seams, no tricky zippers, and definitely no glitter that’s going to get all over your house and in between your couch cushions. Our dress ups are soft and comfy. Even better, they’re machine washable! Just wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. 

Little Adventures dress ups are built to last. We fully expect them to hold up against the wear and tear of playtime. In fact, we’re so confident in our dress ups that they’re covered with a lifetime guarantee. So if a seam does pop or constant wear rubs a hole, there’s no need to worry. Just contact our team, and we’ll get you a replacement. 

We know parents are busy and don’t have time to bother with trying to get their money back. That’s why, in addition to our lifetime guarantee, we promise hassle-free returns. If you’re not satisfied, then neither are we. Let us know you’d like to return your purchase, and we’ll provide you with a shipping label to easily send it back.

Endless Ways to Play

Dress ups are a great investment because there are so many ways for your children to use them. These are not single-use toys. A good dress up is something your child will want to wear again and again. Here are just a few ways dress ups can be used. 


It comes as no surprise that our adventure dress ups make perfect Halloween costumes. They’re made of vibrant fabrics and materials kids love. Plus, your child will be comfortable enough to wear it all night. These are the perfect choice for a night of trick-or-treating. 

Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t love a costume birthday party? Our adventure line features wizard, dragon, knight, prince, and pirate costumes that will go perfectly with a themed party. Your child can invite their friends to dress up to take part in the fun. These dress ups also make excellent gifts kids love to receive. 


Is there anything better than a playdate? Playing dress up is much more exciting when you do it with friends. You can encourage your children and their friends to play dress up by making fun accessories available that they’ll love.

Amusement Parks

Wearing a cool costume to an amusement park only amplifies the fun! Our hooded wizard cloaks, galactic warrior cloaks, and villain cloaks lend themselves especially well to such a special outing. Your little adventurer will have a wonderful time riding roller coasters while dressed as their favorite character. 

Add Accessories for Extra Flair

Our costumes work great on their own, but they’re even better when paired with our adventure dress up accessories. Just like our dress ups, our accessories are comfortable, washable, durable, and backed by our lifetime guarantee. These accessories add the finishing touches to any adventure costume. 

We have a large array of different accessories for you to choose from. To complement our prince costumes, we have soft gold and silver crowns and a prince sword and shield. For our galactic warrior and villain costumes, you’ll find red and green galactic laser weapons (don’t worry, they’re made of soft, dense foam).  

The adventure dress up accessory collection even includes additions to our more unique costumes, such as dragon wings and masks to accompany our eye-catching hooded dragon cloaks. Whatever adventure costume you choose, we have the perfect accessory to complement it. 

Good for Kids, Good for Families

Dressing up isn’t just fun, it’s good for kids. Dress up time is an exciting and vital part of childhood play. Our adventure dress ups don’t just look bold, they help children feel bold. Children learn so much when they engage in dressing up. They get to use their imaginations, stretch their limits, practice their speech and socialization skills, and navigate imaginary situations that mirror real-life situations. 

When children play dress up by themselves, the benefits are huge. When kids play dress up with other children or their parents, those benefits multiply because they can practice those critical skills with another person and learn from them. 

Playing dress up with your children can be a wonderful family activity that draws parents and kids together. It can also provide a healthy and fun alternative to screen time, which holds much less value for young children.


Go ahead and get some adventure dress ups for your children today!