About Little Adventures Products


1. LA dress ups are SOFT and COMFORTABLE.
We are aware that many kids have sensitive skin. We choose fabrics that are
soft. When the potential for itch occurs, we wrap soft fabric over the seam to
prevent any irritation. Our trims are turned down and sewn on the outside,
rather than sewn into the seam so not to bother tender skin. Waistbands are
all wrapped.

2. LA dress ups are MACHINE WASHABLE.
At Little Adventures, we understand that moms are busy. We also know that
when kids really play, they get dirty! We choose only fabrics that can endure
multiple machine washings. Our fabrics and trims are made well so that kids

3. LA dress ups are EASY ON, EASY OFF.
As moms, we know that kids love to change their dress ups again and again. We
know that little fingers can get frustrated with buttons, snaps, zippers, and ties.
We also know that moms and dads can get frustrated with the same thing. Our
dress ups are made to pull over the head easily and where needed, simple
Velcro closures are used, so kids can be free to play and feel independent.

4. LA dresses are made to be CLOTHING QUALITY.
Most children that love to dress up prefer to wear their dress ups all of the
time...not just at playtime. Our dress ups are made with finished hems and
seams in order to allow them be worn everyday, all day, just like clothing. We
have chosen fabrics that are durable, and stitch them to last.

5. LA dress ups are GUARANTEED.
We understand that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a dress up. If
for any reason you are unsatisfied with your dress ups, we will replace it. Our
happily ever after depends on your happily ever after.

Not all kids love to wear slips for everyday play. We make our slips like our
dresses, soft and machine washable. They are made as a separate detachable
piece in order to allow kids to remove it if they prefer the lightweight dress