Princess Accessories

Your little one will look like royalty with our princess accessories. Paired with one of our Little Adventures princess dress ups, playtime will be even more fun!

Princess Accessories by Little Adventures

Our princess accessories are mom-designed with children in mind. All of our accessories are safe, long-lasting, and one size fits most. Your little princess will have a ball trying on all their new accessories. 

Soft Crowns

Our fabric princess crowns have a durable yet flexible foam center, which means this accessory is ready to play whenever you are. We’d never want your crown to slip, so we’ve added an elastic strap to the back to ensure a secure fit for every princess. 

Even better, our collection of princess crowns comes in many different colors and popular styles!

Cinderella Accessories

It’s always fun to dress up as Cinderella, but the look won’t be complete without her iconic accessories. We’ve designed the perfect Cinderella headband and black velvet choker necklace to go with our children’s Cinderella dress. 


Our lineup of iconic princess headbands is perfect for completing a classic look—they’re designed to go with many of our princess dresses! 

Fashioned from durable plastic that’s made to last, our dress up princess headbands come in all sorts of colors and designs. Our princess headbands are flexible so that they can be worn all day without any discomfort.

Wands and Tiaras

Every fairy princess needs a wand and tiara, so make sure you have a pair (or two!) in your dress up closet. Our princess wands have beautiful yet sturdy handles, ensuring hours and hours of playtime. 

Soft, fluffy feathers and iridescent beads complete our wands and tiaras and they’ll match most of our princess dresses.

Princess Cone Hats

Our princess cone hats are the perfect addition to your little one’s dress up. We’ve chosen sturdy foam cores for our princess cone hats, ensuring your accessories are durable while maintaining a realistic look and feel. 

Princess Gloves

Feeling fancy? Try out a pair of our princess gloves because adding the perfect princess gloves will send playtime over the top.

Our gloves are one size fits most, making them the perfect accessory for any princess! 

Island Princess Jewelry

Every princess needs beautiful jewelry, and our Island Princess Jewelry set is perfect for a make-believe adventure on a warm, tropical island. This jewelry set is made of strong wooden beads that will stand up to every high-seas adventure. 

Situations Where Children Can Use Princess Accessories

Our princess dress up accessories are cute all on their own, but they’re especially magical during these moments: 

Chore Time

Make chore time fun when dressed up as Cinderella. Complete with Cinderella’s accessories, your child can clean their room while pretending friendly mice scurry around to help make the work go by faster. 

Once they’re finished cleaning up, they can switch costumes and become Cinderella at the ball!


Whether your children are playing in their bedroom or outside in the yard, our princess accessories are designed to stand up to even the most adventurous dreamers. 

Feel free to mix and match accessories, or pick up multiple color options. For example, if your little princess loves wearing her sleek princess gloves, why not get pairs in different colors? That way, she’ll have gloves for each of her dress ups. 


Children love dressing up for Halloween—the more realistic the costume the better. Take your little princess’s costume to the next level this year by adding coordinating gloves, a princess cone hat, and a magic wand. 

Pro Dress Up Tip: This year, why not have the entire family join in the fun? Everyone can be a prince or princess!

Birthday/Costume Parties

Parties are fun all on their own, but dressing up for a party can make the occasion a little more magical. Consider hosting a princess-themed birthday party this year for your little one! That way, she and all of her friends can share princess accessories and have a ball.

Benefits of Dress Up Accessories and Playtime for Kids

It’s been shown that playing dress up encourages creativity and communication. When children play together, they often test out new social behaviors in a safe environment. Even for princesses, playing with others (whether children or adult) requires cooperation and teamwork. 

Time to Play

Are you ready to make playtime unforgettable? Check out our princess dress up accessories and create perfectly complete dress ups for your little princess. 

While you’re looking at our princess accessories, why not also check out our adult princess dress ups so you can join in on the fun?