Welcome to Little Adventures, the ultimate choice for kids, dolls, accessories and even adults dress ups. Founded by moms, we know dress ups better than anyone, and we put that knowledge to work in our company. Our machine washable dress up clothes are comfortable, easy to put on, and always eye-catching. It's not hard to see why moms and kids alike absolutely love our products.

Something Special for Everyone

We have dress ups for every taste. From fairy tale costumes to daring adventure dress ups, your kids will love having so many options to choose from. 

The Prettiest Princesses

For princess lovers, we have classic looks such as our CinderellaRapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty costumes. We also have more modern dress ups, including our Ice PrincessAlpine Princess, and Island Princess dresses. We even have versions of our most beloved princess dress ups in adult sizes so parents can join in the fun! 

Adventure Ahoy!

We have plenty of dress up outfits for more adventurous souls to inspire and excite. Your little one can dress up as classic heroes such as Peter Pan or Prince Charming, or opt for newer costumes such as our Royal Ice Master and Oasis Prince dress ups. We also have costumes you won't find anywhere else, like our Hooded Dragon Cloaks.

Dress Up and Dance

In addition to our normal dress up costumes, we also created Twirl Dresses. Twirl Dresses take the memorable elements of a character’s costume and incorporate them into an effortlessly comfy, infinitely twirly play dress. 

Accessorizing Playtime

Our collection doesn't just stop at costumes. We have a huge array of accessories to add to every dress up outfit. Lovely flower headbandsswords and shields for knights and princes (and princesses!), and superhero capes are just the beginning when it comes to accessories for your little ones. 

Adventure Pals and More

Finally, Little Adventures is proud to offer you a collection of toys to make playtime even more fun. We have four different adventure pals that are soft, snuggly, and great companions during imaginary play. 

Our adventure pals are also perfect models for our doll dresses. We have pretend makeupchair covers, and aprons to make dress up even more immersive. 

What are you waiting for? Jump into our shop to find the perfect dress ups for your little ones. 

Featuring Machine Washable Dress Up Clothes 

Yes, it's true. All of our dress up clothes are machine washable. Frankly, as moms we were too busy to bother with dress ups that had to be dry-cleaned, and we imagine most parents are too. Little Adventures dress ups are no-fuss and no-frills. Just machine wash on cold and hang the dress up to dry—it's as simple as that

Our dress ups are special. They are: 

  • Durable enough to withstand endless hours of dress up play 
  • So comfortable your kids won't want to take them off 
  • Pretty enough to please even the pickiest of princesses, but also glitter-free to save mom a headache
  • Made with elastic and hook and loop closures to stay in place
  • Zipper-free

We should also mention our lifetime guarantee on all of our washable dress up clothes. We are confident that our dress ups will hold up to whatever playtime throws at them, but if they don't, we promise you a replacement—free of charge. 

Little Adventures is home to the promise of a hassle-free return. We know you're too busy to bother waiting on hold with a customer service rep to get your money back for a return. We don't hassle you; we make your life easier. You have 90 days to send back whatever you don't like (we'll pay for shipping and send you a shipping label) for a full refund. Easy as pie. 

Everyday Play and Every Occasion 

Our dress ups are made to last, and they’re super comfortable. In addition to being perfect for playtime at home, these costumes are an excellent choice for any special occasion. This combination of comfort and strength results in gorgeous, high-quality dress ups that can be worn every day, everywhere. 


Halloween is one of the most anticipated times of the year for kids because they get to dress up. Many schools allow children to wear their costumes to class, but when those dress ups are uncomfortable, they can distract your kids from educational activities. 

Little Adventures dress ups are so comfortable your kids will almost forget they're wearing a costume. Our dress ups are the perfect pick for class parties and long nights of trick-or-treating. 

Birthday Parties

Our dress ups are the perfect choice for your little prince or princess' birthday party. If your little one spills soda pop or drops ice cream on their costume, you'll have nothing to worry about. Just pop it into the wash after the party, and it will be good as new. 

Our products also make fabulous birthday presents. Choose from our best-selling dress ups, our beloved adventure pal plushies, and our doll dresses for a gift every birthday boy or girl will play with all day. 


Dress up play is not only more fun, but it's also beneficial for kids when they have someone else to play with. It allows them to practice important social and verbalization skills. It's also a great alternative to screen time. 

Keep a collection of fun dress ups at your house so that kids can have something to play with when their friends come over. 

Amusement Parks

Half of the fun of going to a theme park is dressing up as your favorite character. Kids absolutely love wearing costumes while riding rides and exploring the park. Plus, they look incredibly cute in pictures. 

Select one of our deluxe dress-ups for your beloved little one to make a fun day even more special. 

Little Adventures for Your Child 

We love imagination. It makes us so happy when we see kids wearing our washable dress ups. We love seeing kids play and get lost in worlds of their own. 

We are proud to offer a quality product that we are confident your children will play in and love for years to come. 

Thanks for picking us. Choose the perfect dress up from our selection today.