Alpine Princess

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Your little one will love this gorgeous Alpine Princess costume—they’ll be ready for any adventure, whether a blizzard or a playdate in the park!

  • Stretch velvet bodice, featuring a glittering pink inset and tulip decals
  • Soft velvet 3/4 length sleeves that gather at the wrists
  • Bold blue China silk skirt with Norwegian tulip designs adorned near the hem
  • Breathable and silky soft, made from 100% Polyester fabrics
  • Accessories Sold Separately

**Size Small Does Not Include Gem



Features of the Alpine Princess Costume 

The best part of all Little Adventures costumes is that they are easy on, easy off. This allows your little ones to get dressed all by themselves, teaching them basic skills while having fun in the process.

It’s about time for children’s costumes that are not only easy to put on, but are itch-free, too. For some reason, many costumes seem to be composed of itchy material that sheds glitter. But like all of our other dresses, the Alpine Princess costume is glitter-, zipper-, and fuss-free. 

When your child feels comfortable, they won’t want the imaginative play to end, and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Some eye-catching elements of this princess dress include:

  • Stretchy velvet fabric that’s soft to the touch
  • Elegant design details such as floral prints at the button of the dress
  • Shiny, glittering appearance (without the mess)
  • High-quality material that will endure every adventure

Another great thing about this princess dress and other Little Adventure costumes is that they’re machine washable. We don’t think you should limit an adventure out of fear of getting a little dirty. We also don’t think you should have to send a costume to the dry cleaner each time you need it washed.

That’s why our costumes are machine washable, so your kids can get back to exploring in no time. 

Play Possibilities 

Once your child throws on the Alpine Princess costume, they’ll be ready to trek through any blizzard they encounter. 

There are many benefits to allowing your child to engage in imaginative play. When they put on a costume, such as the Alpine Princess costume, they get to experience the point of view and feelings of someone other than themselves and help build their emotional intellect.

In this gorgeous Alpine Princess dress, your little one can transform into the heroic Princess Svetlana, who courageously traveled across the Alps to rescue her parents, who were taken from the castle in the middle of the night. 

Or perhaps your child would prefer to be Princess Kirsten, who rules the kingdom with wisdom and kindness. Her subjects love her, and because of her grace and empathy, the land was prosperous and laughter filled the streets. 

The only limit is your child's imagination with this durable, soft, and adorable dress up!

Care Instructions

All Little Adventures’ products are made with parents in mind, and we know just how precious time can be. That’s why Little Adventures made it painless and easy to care for the dress up costumes your children adore. One of the benefits of the Alpine Princess costume by Little Adventures is that it’s entirely machine washable. 

Once your child’s dress has had its fair share of wear and could use a good cleaning, just throw it into a cold cycle in your washing machine. If you're the careful type, run the machine on delicate. Once it’s been washed, simply hang the costume up to air dry, and the dress will look good as new! 

Accessories for Your Alpine Princess Costume

To enhance your imaginative costume playtime, add some dazzling accessories! Little Adventures makes matching Alpine Princess doll dresses so that children can bring their favorite doll on their winter adventures in style.

Just like the Alpine Princess costume, the matching doll dress can be cleaned by simply tossing it into the washing machine for a quick rinse. No matter how daring the adventure your kiddo embarks on—like battling make-believe trolls in enchanted winter wonderlands—you can rest easy knowing most stains will come out, and they will be happy to have a dress that looks as good as new.

Don’t forget to check out our other princess accessories, so your little ones make the most of their imaginative playtime. With a wide variety of princess crowns in different colors, shapes, and sizes, there’s no doubt your child will fall in love with at least one! 

Let Your Kids Explore Their Creative Side With Little Adventures

The last thing that should be limited is a child’s imagination, and with Little Adventures, your children’s dress up options for imaginative playtime can be as expressive as their wildest dreams. From princesses to super heroes, your little one can embark on a new journey with a different cast of characters every day. Boredom will be a thing of the past when your kid can get in on the action they see in their favorite movies and books and make adventures of their own. 

Using only high-quality material that’s itch-free, Little Adventures creates dress ups that your child won’t ever want to take off! We believe in fostering creative environments through dress up and imaginative play so your kids can explore far away lands while learning basic communication skills in the process. Browse through all our options today.





· Glitter Free
· Machine Washable
· High Quality & Durable
· Lifetime Guarantee
· No Hassle Returns


· Easy On - Easy Off!
· No Zippers & Buttons
· No Itchy Underskirts
· Soft & Comfy
· Wrapped Seams


· Inspires Learning
· Builds Confidence
· Encourages Less Screen-Time
· Promotes Creativity
· Exploring Emotions