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Warrior Princess




100% of ALL proceeds for the first 1,000 dresses goes to help Zoie fight cancer.
Defend your kingdom from invading forces, fight a dragon, and save the castle! This warrior princess dress is the perfect addition to your little princess's magical costume wardrobe.

Why did we design a Warrior Princess?

Zoie was a healthy and thriving 3 yr old little girl who loved pre-school, playing soccer, dancing, and tumbling. Last winter, a lump was found on her neck that was thought to be from a virus.  Five Days later, Zoie was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma. Her tumor was three times the size of her heart, it began overtaking her chest cavity, was starting to compress her airways, and heart.  Blessedly, she responded quickly to treatment and the tumor was inactive and broken apart just 6 weeks later.  However, Zoie has another year and a half left of treatment where she will continue to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatments to give her the best chance at remaining cancer-free.  She is a big spirit in a little body and continues to amaze everyone with just how strong and brave she really is!  She truly is a warrior princess.


Little Adventures Child Dress Up Size Chart

Little Adventures Traditional and Deluxe dresses come in four size options: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, ranging from 1-13 years. Each dress size covers a three-year age range. (E.g. A small dress covers ages 1-3 years.) The dresses are designed with an empire waist that sits 1 ½ inches above the natural waist. Our stretchy fabrics allow for a comfortable fit for each child with in the age range. 

Little Adventures Twirl Dress Size Chart


Little Adventures Adult Size Chart

Each of our adult dresses features a bodice made with stretch fabrics with an adjustable lace-up back to allow for varied measurements.



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