Deluxe Ice Princess Set

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Your little one will look absolutely adorable as they reign over their enchanted frozen kingdom in their new deluxe Ice Princess dress up set. 

Our machine-washable Ice Princess dress makes the perfect addition to any costume collection. With stretchy blue fabric that’s easy for your child to take on and off and light blue knit leggings that tie it all together, there’s no adventure too whimsical for your little one to embark on! The fabric is breathable and comfortable—no scratchy materials are used in these fun dress ups. Encourage imaginative play with the Deluxe Ice Princess set from Little Adventures today! 

  • Stretchy blue velvet bodice with sparkly foil design and a regal high-neck collar
  • Light blue knit leggings to match
  • Sewn on sheer cape
  • Breathable, Silky Soft, 100% Polyester Fabrics
  • Accessories Sold Separately

Enhancing Dress Up Play

Our Deluxe Ice Princess dress up set is the perfect addition to any costume box for an imaginative adventure your child will never forget! Made with a stretchy blue velvet bodice and stitch work that gives a dazzling, sparkly appearance without a mess of glitter, this will easily become your kiddo’s favorite dress. Trek through the cold mountainside with a snowman friend or venture into the woods to meet magical reindeer. The possibilities are endless!

The deluxe Ice Princess dress is easy to put on and take off, making it an easy starting point when first teaching your kids to dress independently. Because this costume has an easy on and easy off process, it can help to free up some of your time, too. Now that your kiddo can do it without help, you can spend more time playing and less time supervising their every move.

You can frolic through enchanted forests with your little ice princess, warding off the bad guys with frost spells and magical powers. Or fill playtime with singing and fairytales—and scheming up new, imaginative storylines. Take your dress up play to new levels with matching accessories, too. Our soft Ice Princess crown and Ice Princess gloves give an added touch of royalty.

When it comes to dressing up, the more the merrier! With our matching Ice Princess doll dress, your child can explore new lands with a sidekick that can help keep an eye out for danger in the forest—and be a best friend when they need one the most. Including interactive elements in imaginative play can further enhance your child’s communication skills by adding another “person” into the mix and also gives them a keepsake for the many journeys ahead.

Benefits of Imaginative Play

Playing dress up is a great way to show your kids that it’s OK to explore their imaginations and dream big. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but it can also help your little ones learn how to express themselves and be whoever they want to be. Imaginative play helps children think outside the box while learning how to share their emotions and can also help to improve their communication skills. 

Imaginative dress up play isn’t just a fun way to pass the time with your child. While you encourage them to explore every corner of their imagination, they are also learning to communicate and express themselves. Make playtime even more magical with an Ice Princess dress up set from Little Adventures. A new dress up makes playtime feel exciting and new! Introducing new dress ups will also encourage new playtime storylines, and your kids will hardly know they’re learning something new every time they play! 

While it can be difficult to get kids to let go of fear, getting involved in imaginative play helps to show them it’s not all that scary to think outside the box and say how they’re feeling. By providing a safe space for dress up play, you’re giving your little ones more than just a whimsical adventure—you’re helping them grow into the best version of themselves!

Not to mention, we all know kids are spending more time in front of screens and less time engaging in imaginative play. Fortunately, something as simple as dressing up allows you and your little ones to explore different imaginary worlds without a rigid structure that puts a damper on their creativity. By adding a sparkly accessory into the mix, you can open the door to a whole new world for your kids. They might not know it then, but they’re sure to be super grateful for the experience later on in life.

Care Instructions

The best part for parents regarding this magical Little Adventures Ice Princess dress is that it’s easy to clean! Kids can be pretty messy, and knowing that all it takes to make this dress look brand new again is a quick wash—in the washing machine—is a huge bonus! 

All you need to do is set your washing machine to a delicate or normal cycle and make sure to use cold water. Simply toss the costume into the washing machine and once the washing cycle is through, hang it up to air dry completely. That’s it! 

If you want to give your child a costume that will allow them to live out their wildest dreams for hours on end, then this beautiful little Ice Princess dress is the perfect addition to your dress up collection. Choose Little Adventures dress up dresses today!





· Glitter Free
· Machine Washable
· High Quality & Durable
· Lifetime Guarantee
· No Hassle Returns


· Easy On - Easy Off!
· No Zippers & Buttons
· No Itchy Underskirts
· Soft & Comfy
· Wrapped Seams


· Inspires Learning
· Builds Confidence
· Encourages Less Screen-Time
· Promotes Creativity
· Exploring Emotions