Sleeping Beauty Day Dress with Headband

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Child Sizing

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40-42 in. 32-40 in. 42-44 in. 61 in.

 At a Glance:

  • Knit fabric tan top and black stretch velvet bodice
  • Mauve china silk skirt printed with a whimsical tower scene
  • Black satin bow included
  • Breathable, Silky Soft, 100% Polyester Fabrics
  • Additional Accessories Sold Separately


Let your child get lost in imaginative play and explore the world of Sleeping Beauty. Our Sleeping Beauty Day Dress is the perfect addition to your child’s dress up wardrobe. This whimsical dress features a beautiful enchanted tower near the skirt’s hem that will be sure to catch your little one’s eye right away! This delicate detail is one of many that will make this dress up one of your child’s favorites.

Your little princess can wander through the forest and sing and dance with her animal friends—and maybe even discover a prince along the way! And she can do it all in this sweet, comfortable, and stylish dress. If trouble arises in the forest, your child will feel ready to face whatever trials come her way. She can brave any experience in our Little Adventures Sleeping Beauty dress, which is silky smooth and comfy to wear.

With a soft knit fabric top and a velvety bodice, your child will love wearing this dress all day long while exploring the magic of dress up time. This darling dress also comes with an adorable black satin headband with a bow that adds just the right touch to complete the look! 

Your little one will instantly be immersed into a fantastic world of magic, castles, cottages, and forests with our Sleeping Beauty Day Dress!

Enhancing Playtime

Playtime isn’t just something fun for your child to do. Playing dress up helps children explore their creative side and also learn how to do little yet important things that are part of everyday life. This includes learning how to get dressed, working on finding their voice, and sharing their emotions. 

This Sleeping Beauty Day Dress is easy to take on and off, making it a great starting point when teaching your kids how to dress independently. Because this costume is easy to put on and take off, it means less time that you have to spend dressing them and more time playing with them and enjoying their company. 

Joining in on Dress Up Play

Dressing up isn’t just something your child can do. You can encourage dress up play by finding a costume of your own to join in on the fun. By showing your kids that it’s OK to get lost in their imagination, they may feel more comfortable engaging in this type of interactive play.

You can even invite some friends over to jump into the magical land you’ve created. Who knows, maybe they’ll even show up in a Sleeping Beauty dress, too! When it comes to dressing up, having two of the same costume doesn’t have to mean competition. It actually allows little ones to practice communicating and sharing while igniting their imaginations with different storylines for their Sleeping Beauty characters—and how they can work together. They can spend hours engaging and interacting in imaginative play while learning how to process their emotions at the same time, too.

To add to the fun, Little Adventures also makes a matching Sleeping Beauty Day Dress and headband for dolls, so your child can take her favorite toy on any magical journey she chooses. Whether your little one prefers playing with friends, dolls, or both, her day will be filled with excitement and fun no matter what adventures take place.

A Dress Made For Every Day Play

We all know that a full day of non-stop play isn’t as realistic as our little princesses would hope. There are errands to run and chores to do; however, the fun doesn’t have to stop when you leave the house. Little Adventures dress ups are made for everyday play. Your child can wear them anywhere! 

Leave your worries behind about your kids' dress ups getting dirty when they leave the house. Don’t break a sweat if your little one wants to help in the kitchen while wearing the Sleeping Beauty day dress. All our dresses are glitter-free, soft, non-irritating, and absolutely machine washable. We believe in quality dresses made for everyday play!

Those are the magic words, aren’t they? “Machine washable.” It’s great for kids but even better for parents! We believe in the best of both worlds. Whether they’re creating cupcakes or mud cakes, you can rest assured that this dress was made for serious playtime.

Care Instructions

The best part about our Sleeping Beauty dress is that it’s easy to clean! Kids aren’t known to be the cleanest around, and knowing that all it takes to make this dress like new is a quick toss in the washing machine is a major win. 

To wash the dress, all you have to do is set the washing machine to normal or select a delicate cycle if you want to be extra careful. Be sure to use cold water to eliminate any possible shrinking that could occur. Rather than machine-drying the dress, just hang it up to air dry. 

Our costumes are made to last, and if you handle them with care when washing, you can ensure the dress will be in peak condition for your little Sleeping Beauty. 

If you want to give your child a costume they’ll love and want to play in for hours, then the Sleeping Beauty Day Dress is perfect for you!





· Glitter Free
· Machine Washable
· High Quality & Durable
· Lifetime Guarantee
· No Hassle Returns


· Easy On - Easy Off!
· No Zippers & Buttons
· No Itchy Underskirts
· Soft & Comfy
· Wrapped Seams


· Inspires Learning
· Builds Confidence
· Encourages Less Screen-Time
· Promotes Creativity
· Exploring Emotions