Enchanted Rapunzel

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Child Sizing

Age Child's
1-3 Yrs 33-38 in. 20-22 in.
3-5 Yrs 39-44 in.
21-23 in.
5-7 Yrs 45-49 in.
22-24 in.
7-9 Yrs 50-54 in.
23-26 in.
9-11 Yrs 55-58 in.
24-27 in.
11-13 Yrs 59-61 in.
25-28 in.
S/M 1-5 Yrs 33-44 in.
20-23 in.
L/XL 5-9 Yrs 45-54 in.
22-26 in.

Adult Dress Sizing

Chest Waist
Hip Shoulder
To Hem
32-34 in. 24-32 in. 34-36 in. 57 in.
34-36 in. 26-34 in. 36-38 in. 58 in.
36-38 in. 28-36 in. 38-40 in. 59 in.
38-40 in. 30-38 in. 40-42 in. 60 in.
40-42 in. 32-40 in. 42-44 in. 61 in.

Adult Twirl Dress Sizing

To Hem
2 28.25 in. 36 in.
4 29.5 in. 36.75 in.
6 30.5 in. 37.5 in.
8 31.75 in. 38.25 in.
10 33 in. 39 in.
12 34.125 in.  39.75 in.
14 35.25 in. 40.125 in.
16 36.50 in. 40.625 in.
18 37.5 in. 41 in.


Our Adult Enchanted Rapunzel dress portrays innocence and beauty, you'll be ready for any costume party or royal affair!

The Rapunzel costume for adults is both stylish and durable. The purple and white dress made with stretch velvet is perfect for all the adventures you embark on with your children or at a costume party with friends. One of the most striking aspects of this dress is the ivory panel insert with pink ribbons to add that extra sweet touch. You’ll be sure to turn heads in any setting! To ensure you’re snug in the Enchanted Rapunzel dress, we included a lace-up corset on the back, making this dress perfect for most sizes.

  • The bodice is made with embossed purple stretch velvet featuring a pink rose vine trim along the edges
  • As the focal point it has an inset ivory panel with pink crisscross ribbon decorations
  • Back of the dress features a lace-up corset to ensure a perfect fit
  • Breathable, Silky Soft, 100% Polyester Fabrics
  • Accessories Sold Separately

Benefits of Dress Up Play

If you thought that your children were the only ones who could dabble in dress up play, we are here to tell you that’s simply not the case. Not only can you jump into the imaginative world your child has created for the day, but you can lead by example and dress up first! Sometimes, it’s hard for kids to let go of expectations and let their imaginations run wild without a little nudge. 

You can walk with them through enchanted castles and forests together. By showing children it’s OK to let their imaginations run free, you’re helping them learn how to communicate effectively and clearly. Not only that, but they can learn how to process their emotions in a healthy manner with you by their side.

The Perfect Addition to Any Costume Collection

Whether you’re looking to add a Rapunzel dress costume to your bin of imaginative playwear for your kids or simply looking for something to throw on for a costume party, the Little Adventures Enchanted Rapunzel dress for adults is the perfect addition! With breathable fabric, you’ll be comfortable in this dress for hours on end, no matter the occasion.

If you’re going trick-or-treating with your little one, the Rapunzel dress is perfect for tagging along with your little princess. And if you’re going to a costume party, you’re sure to turn some heads in this dress the moment you arrive. Even if you’re just passing the time with your child for some imaginative play, this Rapunzel dress will lead you on many unforgettable and magical adventures.

Match Your Little Princess!

Better yet, Little Adventures offers several varying Rapunzel dresses for children, too! Wander through whimsical lands hand-in-hand in matching outfits to make the most of your imaginative play together. This costume is perfect for those with long hair or simply with the imagination to grant them luscious locks just like Rapunzel! 

Save each other from tall castles, and don’t forget to bring your doll with her matching Rapunzel doll dress along for the journey! We’d hate for her to miss out on any of the fun. Whether you’re an adult looking for a new costume to add to your collection or to become the princess your child already sees you as, look no further than the Little Adventures Rapunzel costume for adults. 

Finding the Princess In All of Us

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a princess at some point in their life? With our Rapunzel costume for adults, you’ll be able to live out all of your wildest princess dreams. This captivating dress is durable and show-stopping, so you can look and feel your best at costume parties or while outside trick-or-treating with the littles.

You’re never too old to tap into the princess inside you, and what better way than by throwing on this beautiful princess dress? There’s truly no better way to relive all of your childhood wishes of traveling to whimsical castles in gorgeous gowns.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend to be the princess you’ve always known yourself to be. Life can be stressful, and sometimes you owe it to yourself to forget about your worries, throw on a princess dress, and escape to a whole new world. After all, you deserve it!

Care Instructions

The best part about our Rapunzel costume for adults is that it’s easy to clean! When you’re on an adventure with your child or at a costume party with friends and family, it’s not uncommon to spill a thing or two on your outfit. But with our Rapunzel dress costume, all it takes to make it look like new is a quick toss into the washing machine. 

To be extra careful, you may want to wash it on a delicate cycle to ensure nothing happens to the structure of the dress during the cleaning process. Once you’ve set the machine to the setting of your choice, press start and let the washing begin. Simply hang it up to air dry. Don’t spend money on a one-time use costume when you can invest in a lifetime of fun with the Little Adventures Enchanted Rapunzel dress for adults.





· Glitter Free
· Machine Washable
· High Quality & Durable
· Lifetime Guarantee
· No Hassle Returns


· Easy On - Easy Off!
· No Zippers & Buttons
· No Itchy Underskirts
· Soft & Comfy
· Wrapped Seams


· Inspires Learning
· Builds Confidence
· Encourages Less Screen-Time
· Promotes Creativity
· Exploring Emotions