A Super Hero Bedroom fit for a Super Hero

Little Adventures and @lifemadewithlove team up to create a super hero bedroom!

It’s crazy over here in the Life Made With Love household! With a new baby on the way we are giving all the kids in the house a room-refresh! Mostly because
everyone is moving into a new room, but also because they are old enough now to
start telling us what THEY want their room to be all about. We decided to take that
opportunity to give the kids something special before the new baby comes, a space
of their own that they love with all their hearts.

First on the list was Jax, who at the last minute changed his mind from a dinosaur
themed room to a super hero themed room. Did I mention it was last minute, like
the night before we started?! We almost didn’t make the switch, but looking back
now I am SO thankful that we did. Everything is about super heroes right now.
From the movies he wants to watch, to the decor he wants around him, to OF
COURSE, his dress up clothes. He pretty much lives in his capes and masks from
Little Adventurer Dress Up while he jumps across his room acting out all of his
favorite heroes, which currently is Spiderman! So the Spider Cape and Mask set?
It’s in a pretty steady rotation of being worn EVERY DAY.
Once that mask slips on he goes into total hero-mode. The top bunk of his bed is his
lair. The rug next to his bed is his landing pad, and the super heroes painted on the
wall, his sidekicks.
We spent quite a few weeks customizing and painting his super hero themed room.
The main focus of the room is the mural we hand painted which houses 18
individually painted super hero’s on a cityscape. I swear, I had NO idea that there
were THAT many super heroes and apparently that doesn’t even hit the tip of the
iceberg. Turns out I have quite a lot to learn about super heroes.
We wanted a room that was focused around imaginative play and make believe. An
oasis where the kids could feel free to be anything they wanted. I hope we
succeeded in making this dream come true and get to see more imagination and play
pretend within it in the years to come!


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