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If you would like to donate directly to Princess Zoie please select the amount you would like to donate and 100% of all proceeds will go to Zoie to help cover her medical costs. 
Zoie was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in January of 2019 at 3 years old. She will have been treated for 2 years and 4 months by the time she is done with treatment next May. Zoie is even funnier and sassier now at 5 years old, she loves to play with her siblings and friends, enjoys watching PJ Masks and princess shows, and jumping on the trampoline with her family. She loves to eat at restaurants, veggie fajitas, and chocolate. Zoie wants to be a professional chef someday to "help cancer people eat healthy good food." She is in her "maintenance" phase of treatment right now where she gets daily oral chemo at home, steroids once a month, monthly chemotherapy at the hospital through her port, and chemo in her spinal column every 3 months. This phase has allowed her energy to come up a lot, have her hair grow back, and over all, feel pretty good. We had 8 months with no major hiccups or complications until the last week of August when she spiked a fever and we found out her blood counts were low enough to be neutropenic. So that meant Zoie had to stay in the hospital for a few days to get tested for lots of different things, as she was a high risk for blood stream infections. Thankfully, it was just a GI bug and she got to come back home. This girl knows how to always make us laugh and this trial has taught us all to appreciate the small and simple things. Zoie has gone through more than anyone ever should, but she does it with a smile and a brave face. This girl continues to teach us so much about having a good attitude, being brave, and creating joy in life. Zoie is OUR LITTLE HERO!!!

Child Size Chart

Age Child's Height Waist Range
size 2
1-3 Years 33-38 in. 20-22 in.
size 4
3-5 Years 39-44 in.
21-23 in.
size 6
5-7 Years 45-49 in.
22-24 in.
size 8
7-9 Years 50-54 in.
23-26 in.
size 10
9-11 Years 55-58 in.
24-27 in.
size 12
11-13 Years 59-61 in.
25-28 in.
S/M 1-5 Years 33-44 in.
20-23 in.
L/XL 5-9 Years 45-54 in.
22-26 in.

Adult Size Chart

Chest Waist Range Hip Shoulder to Hem
size 0-2
32-34 in. 24-32 in. 34-36 in. 57 in.
size 2-4
34-36 in. 26-34 in. 36-38 in. 58 in.
size 6-8
36-38 in. 28-36 in. 38-40 in. 59 in.
size 10-12
38-40 in. 30-38 in. 40-42 in. 60 in.
size 14-16
40-42 in. 32-40 in. 42-44 in. 61 in.