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Pirate Accessory Set

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Little Adventures Pirate Accessory Set is perfect for your little one to take off on an adventure of pirates and the high seas. When they put on their pirate hat and eye patch they will be transported back in time when the sea was wild and new. This is a great option for parties and gatherings. 

Little Adventures Child Dress Up Size Chart

Little Adventures Traditional and Deluxe dresses come in four size options: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, ranging from 1-13 years. Each dress size covers a three-year age range. (E.g. A small dress covers ages 1-3 years.) The dresses are designed with an empire waist that sits 1 ½ inches above the natural waist. Our stretchy fabrics allow for a comfortable fit for each child with in the age range. 

Little Adventures Twirl Dress Size Chart


Little Adventures Adult Size Chart

Each of our adult dresses features a bodice made with stretch fabrics with an adjustable lace-up back to allow for varied measurements.



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